Juneteenth of Thomasville-Thomas County Foundation Inc. presents

The 5th Annual Juneteenth Freedom Festival Celebration and Events

Whats Happening at Juneteenth?

Guyton Brothers Racing  4th Annual Juneteenth Car Show

Car enthusiasts of all ages can admire a diverse array of classic and modern vehicles, celebrating the culture and history of automotive innovation. 

Registration Link: https://forms.gle/7kZtyaZ3t3pWC9rs6

Gospel Fest

Experience the uplifting power of worship and gospel music with performances from talented choirs and artists from across the region organized by Red Hills Worship Collaborative

Children Play Village Sponsored by William Morton and Wanda Warren

The perfect spot for our youngest festival-goers, featuring educational and entertaining activities in a safe and engaging environment.  Trackless Train, Magic Show, Water Slides, Literacy Booth, Soft play for infant and toddlers, Gaming Truck, face paining and much more

Food Trucks & Food Vendors

Indulge in a variety of culinary delights from food trucks and vendors, celebrating the rich flavors of our diverse community.

Vendor Link:  https://forms.gle/TKgt84XY58r5Vcc88 

Cultural Exhibitions & Workshops

Discover the significance of Juneteenth through engaging exhibitions and interactive workshops, offering insights into our history and heritage.

Local School and Youth Organizations

Enjoy the vibrant performances of local schools and youth organizations, showcasing the talents and spirit of our young community members.

D9 Greek Organization Roll Call and History

Witness the dynamic displays of the Divine Nine Greek organizations, exploring their cultural heritage and contributions to social justice.

Job Recruitment Fair, Criminal Record Restriction/Expungement Sign-Up, Health Fair, Manna Drop, Blood Donation

 Take advantage of these invaluable services offering support and opportunities for employment, health, legal assistance, and more.

Best Juneteenth Decor Tent Contest

Showcase your creativity in our tent decorating contest, with prizes for the most uniquely decorated tents inspired by Juneteenth themes. *Limited number of Tent entries. To enter please email: JuneteenthofThomasville@gmail.com

Giveaways, Raffles & so much more

Don't miss out on the chance to win exciting prizes throughout the day in our giveaways and raffles. 

       Juneteenth Unsung Hero             Hoodie Awards

The Juneteenth Hoodie Awards seek to recognize those often overlooked and undervalued heroes who have made substantial impacts in their neighborhoods. These individuals serve as beacons of compassion and service, striving tirelessly to make their surroundings a better place for everyone. Their passion for helping others and commitment to community betterment make them true role models.


Juneteenth Empowerment Talks

The Juneteenth Empowerment Talks aims to create a transformative experience that educates, Inspires, and unties participants, honoring the spirit of Juneteenth by promoting growth, understanding, and positive change. Topics varies from financial literacy, African American History, Health and Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Social Just and Activism, Genealogy and family history, Mental Health Awareness, Civic Engagement, Voting, and Education and Scholarship.