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The Juneteenth Empowerment Talks aims to create a transformative experience that educates, Inspires, and unties participants, honoring the spirit of Juneteenth by promoting growth, understanding, and positive change. Topics varies from financial literacy, African American History, Health and Wellness, Entrepreneurship, Social Just and Activism, Genealogy and family history, Mental Health Awareness, Civic Engagement, Voting, and Education and Scholarship.

 Panel of Presenters

Financial Literacy- Alvin Leaks

African-American History- Rev. Jeremy Rich

Health & Wellness- Deborah Miles Anderson & Carla Ward Perkins

Entrepreneurship- Dr. Sharon Edwards

Social Justice & Activism- Ryan Brown

Genealogy & Family History- Perida Mitchell

Mental Health Awareness- Rev. Hardy Clayton Sr.

Education & Scholarships- Dr. Marilyn McCluskey

Civic Engagement & Voting- Nathaniel Tyler